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Member of:

A French non-profit in favor of children with Autism.
We give 1% of our profits to Perce-Neige

ACT for Mental Health

A local Silicon Valley non-profit to support

the homeless and thoe with mental health issues

Since 1956

We give 1% of our profits to ACT

And for the toddlers:

A French 
Immersion Preschool
For children 3 to 5
Mountain View
(border P-A)

When in France
Live like the French
in a French Home
near Paris (60Km)
Cell 33-788 48 87 22
In the U-S:

Bed & Breakfast



FAQ: Wherewhatwhenhowwho

As of September 1st, we have a new name LE FRENCH FILM CLUB with a nwe web address:

Why did we change?

The FFCPA, under its original name "The French Cine Club of Palo Alto" and with a previous management team was located for 30 years at Palo Alto Art Center. On January 2011, the Art Center undertook a major remodeling project , hence our obligation to find a new location.

The downtown community center located on the campus ALL SAINTS EPISCOPAL CHURCH OF PALO ALTO, has welcomed us on January 2011.
The address is 555 Waverley Street, Palo Alto CA 94301. Being in Palo Alto, we have a central position in the Silicon Valley, a culturally rich environment with a lot of opportunities to talk with interesting people from different cultures and horizons.

However, we created a new non-profit organisation 501 (C) 3 in order to pursue bigger and better goals as described in our Mission Statement.

I don't speak French. Is that a problem?

No, on the contrary. The movies are shown in French, but they are subtitled in English. If you are interested in French cinema, the Club offers a good exposure to the French approach to cinema, and it is certainly a good way to hear (and speak) French.

I am French and I have already seen these movies. Is it going to be boring?

No, for a simple reason: you can learn a lot about your own culture just from observing how other people react to it. Furthermore, we usually give some key analysis of the movies we show, trying to bring a pedagogic approach to the movie interpretation.

Are the movies suitable for all audiences?

Most of them are. But to be very honest, French cinema is different than American cinema in some regards. It has typically less violence and hemoglobin, less special effects, and focuses more on human feelings. And human feelings can definitely be pretty intense too, if you think about it. If you have a doubt about the suitability, just drop us a line, we will let you know.

Where is the FFCPA?

At the Parish Hall on the campus of All Saints Church, 555 Waverley St, here are maps and directions.

Where can I get a list of the movies?

For upcoming movies, look at the navigation bar and click on "Program"and for past movies, go to our Cinematheque section.

I'd like to help; how can I contribute? Click on "Volunteering"

If you want to help by sponsoring, volunteering, let us know as we often need new Volunteers.

You say food?

We are not restaurant, for sure, but we like to serve a nice buffet with exclusive french products: Cheese, Pâté, Salami, Crêpes with exquisite Italian Jam, Red wine, all included in the price of your ticket. For Wine connoisseurs, we have a cash bar with higher quality red, white and rosé and on special occasion, champgne.

TO GET INVOLVED: Volunteering To read about our Values

TO SEE our Past pre-2008 Movie list: go here! List needs to be updated. It will be done as soon as possible.



These are the posters of the movie screened over the years.









Et Dieu Jules et Jim A Bout de Souffle

Special Family


Marius et Jeannette La Grande Seduction L'Homme qui Aimait Les Femmes

End of Year Program

2012 starts on January 6





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Not all the movies we show have
been rated. The presence of minors
under 18 will be accepted only if
accompanied by an adult. Thanks!

The Gourmet Corner San Mateo

100% French Bistro

Bistro Maxine Creperie - Palo Alto

The best Creperie of Palo Alto