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Member of:

A French non-profit in favor of children with Autism.
We give 1% of our profits to Perce-Neige

ACT for Mental Health

A local Silicon Valley non-profit to support

the homeless and thoe with mental health issues

Since 1956

We give 1% of our profits to ACT

And for the toddlers:

A French 
Immersion Preschool
For children 3 to 5
Mountain View
(border P-A)

When in France
Live like the French
in a French Home
near Paris (60Km)
Cell 33-788 48 87 22
In the U-S:

Bed & Breakfast



Our Values

The French Film Club of Palo Alto has been founded by a group of lovers of the French cinema, to share their passion and emotions towards 'le 7eme art'. We believe that movies are beautiful conveyors of culture, through humor, emotions, references to history. We are certain that the values conveyed by the rich French cinematographic scene can be shared and discovered by everyone, whether you speak French or not. The club is opened to everybody, young, old, French or not.

The Club has been structured as a non-profit organization and it stands for the following values:


We think that cinema is a powerful form of artistic expression, a manifestation of universal beauty and humanism. Le 7eme art, in all its beauty, is a form of expression glorified by aesthetics and artistic sense. We love beautiful movies, with a strong emphasis on artistic creation.


We believe that any form of creation bears a part of the culture that gave birth to it. In times where people communicate and share information with the entire world, it seemed important for us to share this unique cultural contact with France. You do not have to be French to enjoy it, and if you are French, it still gives you a fresh look on your culture, as it is perceived from outside.


Watching a movie should before all be a pleasant adventure. Movies make us laugh, cry, react, but in the end, it should always be an experience to share with others. We are striving to make the French Film Club a convivial place to enjoy movies, but also to discuss and exchange thoughts around a glass of 'Perrier' or 'Bordeaux' and a slice of delicious bread and some cheese.


We thank all viewers, participant to our movie nights or not, for their support in sharing
this website and information
with their friends and relatives in the Bay Area.


















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Not all the movies we show have
been rated. The presence of minors
under 18 will be accepted only if
accompanied by an adult. Thanks!

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